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Scott Caris (b. 1966) is an American illustrator and graphic artist. Over the past several years, Scott has continued to refine his unique style of figurative image making and has shared his work throughout Europe and Scandinavia. From his deliciously merciless portraits of Donald Trump to others less known but recognizable, Scott’s unique “Graphic Pop” artistic style is unmistakable. He brings an independent D.I.Y. attitude to his work that is original, humorous, and pointed encompassing a wide range of subtle – and not so subtle – popular and personal culture references. He might best be understood as an indie outlier – one who fiercely follows his own quirky insights and is beholden to no one but himself.

Although Scott doesn’t consider himself to be a traditional street artist, he has taken to the streets to display his work and has become somewhat of a known quantity within the street art community. His output is as prodigious as it is diverse and his latest series of large-scale paste-ups have been an exciting new development for how his artworks can be displayed. He is currently working on a new pop-up exhibition in Copenhagen with a super talented photographer specializing in alternative, fetish and kink lifestyle to illustrate a series of original pen and ink drawings based upon those sessions. It's going to be an exciting and racy new addition to Scott's portfolio of work. Stay tuned for an update on that soon!


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Main Photo_9.jpg


Rosenørns Allé 10C, 2 TV

1634 Copenhagen


+358 413111015

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